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Nov 22 2013

Four Rivers Heritage Area congratulates our Coordinating Council member, Alma Cropper, who received a Governor’s Service “Special Honorees” Award this year. Alma H. Cropper has volunteered with the Wiley H. Bates Legacy Center since 2008. She currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Operations Officer for the Center. As an active volunteer, Alma spends more than 20 hours each week operating the Bates Legacy Center, and her efforts to extend outreach services have helped to increase the average of 20 visitors weekly in 2008 to a current average of...

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Jun 18 2012

ANNAPOLIS, MD (July 18, 2012) – The Maryland Department of Planning has announced that six  matching grants totaling $247,000 were awarded to heritage organizations within Four Rivers: The Heritage Area of Annapolis, London Town & South County, one of Maryland’s twelve certified heritage areas, by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA) at its annual grants meeting last Thursday. These grant funds support heritage tourism projects and activities that expand economic development and tourism-related job creation throughout the state. MHAA matching grant-funded projects in the Four Rivers Heritage Area in FY2013: Project Title:...

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Jul 14 2009

Annapolis, MD – Four Rivers: The Heritage Area of Annapolis, London Town & South County is pleased to announce grant awards from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA) for four major heritage projects in Annapolis and southern Anne Arundel County. Project grant funds of $214,450 will support development of regional heritage-related projects totaling more than $859,000. All grants are fully matched at the local level, leveraging non-state funding to develop new projects, products, and activities consistent with the city-, county- and state-approved heritage area Management Plan. In addition to the four...

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