Upcoming Cemetery Symposium is Funded in Part by a Four Rivers Mini-Grant

Apr 12 2019

Upcoming Cemetery Symposium is Funded in Part by a Four Rivers Mini-Grant

Four Rivers is pleased to share the announcement from Anne Arundel County Trust for Preservation (ACT) that on June 8, they will host a half-day symposium about cemeteries in the heritage area, in cooperation with Anne Arundel County’s Cultural Resources Division, and funded in part by a Mini-Grant from Four Rivers. Entitled “Resurrecting Histories: Cemeteries of the Four Rivers Heritage Area,” the program consists of presentations and interactive discussions exploring the history, genealogy, and care of the more than 500 historic cemeteries in Anne Arundel County, focusing primarily on cemeteries located in the Four Rivers Heritage Area. The program is designed to help citizens and caretakers of these unique cultural resources unlock the secrets of historic burying grounds. Panelists will share their tips for how average citizens can help protect these important historic spaces. The public is invited to attend and participate. Attendees will also have the opportunity to take an exclusive guided tour of the Historic Quaker Burying Ground in Galesville, Maryland that afternoon.

Panelists will include local historian Janice Hayes-Williams, Montgomery County’s archaeologist Brian Crane, genealogist and local cemetery expert Tina Simmons, conservator Howard Wellman, and local archaeologists Jeanne Ward and Tom Bodor. Many of Anne Arundel County’s 500 known historic cemeteries are located within the boundaries of the Four Rivers Heritage Area, and date as far back as the mid-1600s. Often forgotten, neglected or unmarked, they hide secrets about the County’s past. Some are remembered only through family stories, and many are still awaiting rediscovery.

Conference attendees will also receive a “Resource Guide to Historic Cemeteries in Anne Arundel County, Maryland,” a resource for the public on studying and caring for historic cemeteries. As a special and exclusive opportunity for registered conference attendees, the Quaker Burying Ground Trustees will open the Quaker Burying Ground in Galesville for guided tours between 1:30 and 3:00 pm. Participants may stroll through the oldest cemetery in Anne Arundel County, discuss management challenges with the Trustees, observe conservation challenges, and learn stories of those who are buried there.

The event will be held at the Galesville Community Center, located at 916 W. Benning Rd. in Galesville, Maryland. Boxed lunches prepared by the Galesville Community Center will be available for pre-purchase as part of the registration.

To reserve your spot or find further information, visit or contact Anastasia Poulos, Archaeological Sites Planner of the County’s Cultural Resources Division, at (410) 222-7432.

Support for this event has been provided by the Four Rivers Heritage Area, Anne Arundel County Government, the Galesville Community Center, and the Trustees of the Quaker Burying Ground. Download the agenda and speakers’ information here: Resurrecting Histories Agenda & Speaker Bios

Download the press release here: Resurrecting Histories Press Release