April 2017

New Partnership Promotes Sunday Heritage Experiences

Today, the Four Rivers Heritage Area, the Inner West Street Association and Visit Annapolis area pleased to announce that our organizations have teamed together to let arts and culture loving visitors know when they come to town for First Sunday Arts Festivals that there is lots more to see and explore in the City and region. Four Rivers has created a flyer for visitors: "Sunday Heritage Offerings in the Four Rivers Heritage Area." Four Rivers and colleagues will be inside the Visitors Center during the First Sunday Arts Festivals to...

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Steps to Environmental Sustainability at Museums & Historic Sites

Last week Four Rivers Heritage Area staff participated in a StEPs Lab webinar, “Steps to Environmental Sustainability,” offered by the American Association for State and Local History. Now we would love to share with our partners some steps you can take to implement environmentally sustainable practices while improving your relevance within the community. So what is “sustainability”? According to webinar leader Sarah Sutton, sustainability means caring for today’s resources so future needs can be met and present life conditions improved. It is about conservation and protection, so museums and heritage sites are...

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