August 2022

Aug 09 2022

Tuesday, August 23 is the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. UNESCO encourages all Heritage Sites to participate in this global remembrance. Take this opportunity to share the history of this human trade and its abolishment. How you as an Individual, Organization, Church, or Heritage Site recognizes this day depends solely on you. The Annapolis Port Marker Committee will join any planned activities held in the City of Annapolis, during this Day of Remembrance. Contact Janice Hayes-Williams to connect.  UNESCO: "It is time to abolish human exploitation once and for all,...

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Aug 02 2022

By Riley Hoaglin As the summer continues the adventures persist and this adventure is one not to miss! The B&A Trail is a magnificent, well-known bike trail that follows a former rail line between Baltimore and Annapolis. The trail extends around 13 miles along a paved route. The Earleigh Heights Ranger Station, located in Severna Park (mile 7 on the map) is an excellent place to begin your journey. The Earleigh Heights Ranger Station was built in 1889 and now serves as the ranger station, parking and public restrooms.  Continuing on the...

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