Our Region

There’s a broad area that stretches from Sandy Point State Park at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, through southern Anne Arundel County, to Rose Haven at the Calvert County line, encompassing the Severn, South, Rhode, and West Rivers. Fill in that expanse with well over a dozen special landmarks—each representative of Maryland’s rich historic, cultural, and natural legacy—and you begin to get a strong sense of Four Rivers, designated as one of Maryland’s proud state heritage areas.

The symbolic label means that the region is recognized as possessing cultural, natural, and historical resources that are worth preserving and showcasing. From architectural masterpieces established in the 18th century and the National Historic District of downtown Annapolis, to swaths of pristine landscapes and ten National Historic Landmarks, the Four Rivers Heritage area incorporates not only the history of the area and its land, but the stories of those who have called it home for centuries.

Visit the attractions within Chesapeake Cross Roads Heritage Area for a peek into our region’s fascinating past.

Regional Map
Map of Boundary Expansion