20 Year Retrospective

In October 2021, ALTSCHA marked its 20-Year Anniversary of Certification as one of Maryland’s Heritage Areas.

On this page, we share some of our most notable achievements over the years, including video links, grant funding, and milestones over the years. Last updated: July 2022


Grants Awarded

To start, we highlight the many projects in the heritage area that have benefited by MHAA funding. Please note that some projects have received grants for multiple phases of a project years in the making.


ALTSCHA Mini-Grants have been funded jointly by MHAA, City of Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, ALTSCHA, and Mini-Grantee match. Over our 20-Year history, ALTSCHA has awarded 188 Mini-Grants (totaling $440,924 in grants funded) to Stakeholder Organizations, resulting in $2.7 million dollars in total projects costs for Mini-Grant Projects. Review the lists of Mini-Grant Projects here: Mini-Grants By Year, Mini-Grants By Grantee.

MHAA Grants

MHAA Grant awards are fully matched. Over our 20-Year history, MHAA has awarded 120 Grants to ALTSCHA organizations, totaling $6.9 million in grants funded, resulting in $23 million in total project costs for MHAA Grant Projects, both capital and non-capital. Download the lists of MHAA-funded Projects here: MHAA Grants by Year, MHAA Grants by Grantee. 


Total Funds Invested in Grant Projects since 2001: $6.9 Million

Total Project Funding for Grant Projects since 2001: $22 Million

Download the Summary Grid of all Grants (FY2002-2022) here:

Download the MHAA-funded Economic Impact Report (February 2020) about our heritage area:


Timeline — 20 Years in Review