Explore New Sites

The Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area has had a recent Boundary Expansion, and new heritage sites — museums, parks, trails and more — are now included among our partners. This page will help you explore new sites, visit new places, and plan new experiences.

Read more about the Boundary Expansion here: The MHAA program is based on geographic areas and not the identification of specific partner sites or attractions.  The newly-defined geographic areas become an eligibility layer for grants, and any nonprofit or municipality that develops a heritage tourism project within our boundaries is eligible.

Within our new boundaries, there are also community entities, Rosenwald Schools, churches, historical societies, historic districts, two National-status museums, the county’s community college, and more than a dozen small heritage sites that operate independently. We envision outdoor projects such as murals, interpretive signs, and walking tours, in addition to projects that might be developed inside one of our heritage attractions. We also hope to be a conduit for funding for another phase of the popular “Four Rivers African American Heritage Trail,” which is an online resource.

Visit the listings of attractions below to learn more — hover over the image to see the site’s name — and continue to check back as more online content is added, thanks!