43 Pinkney Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 990-45443

Historic Annapolis’s Hogshead at 43 Pinkney Street is an early 18th-century building similar to the modest wood frame structures that housed many colonial Annapolitans and new recruits to revolutionary service. Today, it serves as an interactive, hands-on museum and historic landmark, offering visitors the opportunity to experience what life was like during the 1700s in Annapolis. Hogshead visitors will see, hear, and touch what life entailed for frontiersmen, colonial doctors, soldiers in the Revolutionary War, and enslaved or indentured workers. Here, you can pick up the heavy weight of a musket and feel what it would have been like to go hunting centuries ago, or learn about early medical practices by handling physicians’ instruments.

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Hours of Operation

Open weekends late March to early December.
Saturday & Sunday: Noon–4 p.m.


Free admission; donations welcome.
Admission charge for group tours arranged by appointment.

School Programs

Discover what life was like on the colonial frontier in this interactive, hands-on experience. Handle staple foods of the frontier including hardtack, spices, and sugar. Feel the clothing and see the tools and supplies required for work and survival on the frontier.

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