A Fresh Take: The National Cryptologic Museum

By Riley Hoaglin Exciting news! We have a NEWLY RENOVATED museum that just REOPENED! Have you ever wonder what Cryptologic means? Or how coding has shaped history?The National Cryptologic Museum reopened just a few weeks ago, and it is filled with historical technology that has revolutionized the world. Cryptology is the study of codes and ciphers, and the National Cryptologic Museum is the best place to learn more about the exciting history of coding and decoding! The National Cryptologic Museum (NCM), curated by the National Security Administration (NSA), is “a gateway to...

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What is the “North County African American Trail”?

Newly-added to the Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area, this region, known as “North County,” has a rich heritage. The physical places where this African American heritage once flourished, however, have largely been lost.  North County’s contemporary landscape of commercial corridors and dense residential development can mask — but does not hide — its connections to historic communities of color established in the mid-1800s before the Civil War and emancipation. Connecting the communities were influential churches, which served not only spiritual needs, but also social needs. The Black churches “were significant as...

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A Fresh Take: National Electronics Museum

By Riley Hoaglin Have you ever wondered where your electronic devices come from? Or maybe how people first used to communicate? Just around the corner is what might be one of the coolest museums you will ever visit in Anne Arundel County! The National Museum of Electronics, located in Linthicum Heights, offers an enriching experience through a wide variety of exhibits, many of them interactive. The National Electronics Museum works to “promote and encourage the study of science and engineering using their electronic heritage to educate and inspire students and the general...

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Learn More about Freetown — View the “Story Project” Video Featuring Tony Spencer

One of our favorite “Story Project” videos features Tony Spencer. Tony Spencer was born and educated in Anne Arundel County. A renowned performing and vocal recording artist, composer, poet, model and storyteller, Tony was surprised to discover the impact his great great grandfather, James Spencer, had in founding a safe haven for African-Americans in our community.  This is Tony’s story of discovering his family’s ties to Freetown and the significance that it has in our history and the heritage of our area. Learn more about Tony Spencer, below, and then...

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A Fresh Take: William Brown House Virtual Tour

By Riley Hoaglin Anne Arundel County is full of historic landmarks. One breathtaking site is Historic London Town and Gardens. The site offers scenic water views, gorgeous trails full of stunning plants and flowers, and notable historic buildings (some are reconstructions). One of the most notable landmarks that Historic London Town has to offer is the William Brown House. William Brown was a man of many trades. He built this Georgian-style structure in 1758-1764 to be a tavern, but due to the circumstances of declining trade he lost the business and this...

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Dance in the Spotlight

By Riley Hoaglin We can look at dance as a universal language that brings people together from different cultures and backgrounds. There are several Four Rivers Heritage Area sites offering enriching dance companies, programs and educational opportunities that are easily accessible to the general public. For those that just love to move, and aspire to learn the fundamentals of various styles of dance, Maryland Hall, located in the Annapolis Arts District, and Chesapeake Arts Center, located in Brooklyn Park, are two great options to consider. They both offer a wide range...

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View these “Story Project” Videos to learn about African American Heritage Sites to Visit

Have you heard of the Four Rivers Heritage Story Project? Five of the videos focus on important African American stories of our history and heritage, told by individuals who lived that history. Once you view the videos, you will want to visit the related sites, to learn more. Video with Tony Spencer, about Freetown: Tony Spencer was born and educated in Anne Arundel County. A renowned performing and vocal recording artist, composer, poet, model and storyteller, Tony was surprised to discover the impact his great great grandfather, James Spencer, had in founding...

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“Founding Freedoms” Exhibit at the Maryland State House is a Must-See!

We are excited to share this news! "Founding Freedoms: The Essential American Documents" is a special exhibition open at the Maryland State House now through November 14. Historic Annapolis, in partnership with philanthropist and Maryland native David M. Rubenstein and the Maryland State Archives, presents a special exhibition this fall at the Maryland State House. The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights have secured the liberties of Americans for almost 250 years. "Founding Freedoms: The Essential American Documents" is a rare opportunity to view important 18th-...

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Learn About the Banneker Mural Project

We have recently learned from Museum Director, Chanel Compton, that the Banneker-Douglass Museum plans to restore and display this important mural depicting Benjamin Banneker and Andrew Ellicott; it was originally displayed in the Maryland House Travel Plaza. To read more and learn how you can become involved, click on the link below to download your copy of this flyer. 8.31.2021-BDM-Mural-Project-Description-FINALDownload ...

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Maryland Day Unpaused
Jun 15 2020

Maryland Day Unpaused Activities This Week

Maryland Day Unpaused continues in the Four Rivers Heritage Area, giving our partners a chance to celebrate a belated Maryland Day virtually with new online content and experiences, as well as outdoor places to explore. Here are some activities you won’t want to miss this week. Tune in to Pride of Baltimore's Facebook page for "Fun with Flags" through June 20. June 14 was Flag Day, when they focused on the Star-Spangled Banner. They’ll also be highlighting the Maryland flag and signal flags, as well as sharing some great shots of Pride of Baltimore II with...

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