Resources for Organizations Impacted by Severe Flooding

Nov 02 2021

Resources for Organizations Impacted by Severe Flooding

In response to this past weekend’s historic flooding, we wanted to take the opportunity to share potentially useful resources with our partners.

Resources for Nonprofits

If you are a historical site that was impacted by flooding, Maryland Historical Trust maintains a dedicated webpage Weather It Together: Disaster Response & Recovery for Historic Communities. On this page you will find resources collected and developed by the Maryland Historical Trust to assist property owners/occupants dealing with historic resources damaged by a natural disaster.

If a heritage-related property was impacted by a disaster, you may also be able to apply for African American Heritage Preservation Program or Maryland Heritage Area Authority funds outside the normal grant cycle. Funds are especially limited this year, but may become available within months of the submission of an application, so make sure to keep an eye on these websites.

If you are a business damaged by the flood, you may be eligible for the VOLT Disaster Recovery Program. Managed by the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation, this program will provide grants of up to $50,000 to help businesses recover from the damage and pause in operations sustained as a result of the storm and coastal flooding that impacted Anne Arundel County on Oct. 29-30.

If you are part of an organization or business currently trying to navigate your way through insurance claims, but you need some assistance with the process, The Maryland Insurance Administration will maintain a Virtual Disaster Center until November 3 to help anyone with insurance-related issues or questions about damage from the severe weather. In the Virtual Disaster Center, you can ask general insurance questions or meet one-on-one with a Maryland Insurance Administration representative in a private breakout room.

The Four Rivers Heritage Area will keep you updated should any emergency funds or assistance for nonprofits or cultural sites become available.