Four Rivers Announces New Name as Part of Our Rebranding Process

Jan 11 2022

Four Rivers Announces New Name as Part of Our Rebranding Process

Four Rivers is pleased to announce our new name as part of our rebranding process!

We have selected the name “Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area” as our new name! Many thanks to all our stakeholders who have participated in our process to help us reach this point!

The name Chesapeake Crossroads is highly resonant for our Board and staff, and may be for you all as well. There are crossroads, past and present, in our area whose stories should be told. Crossroads connotates much more than crossings, of which we have many: Bay crossings, ferry crossings, railroad crossings, trail crossings. Crossroads often implies connecting points, places where pathways, transportation modes, cultures, and even ideas intersect. And it is often used to represent ethical and moral choices that present themselves for action and decision. Finally, the context of the “Chesapeake” raises our profile far above our four original rivers and coastline, to a wider context where we are eager to play a broader role. We delight in the opportunities that present themselves in this broader name, and we look forward to growing into this exciting new concept with all of you.

Watch the official name reveal (20 minutes).It will take a while to finalize the brand materials and to roll out this new name and brand officially, but we couldn’t wait to share the news!