Explore the US Naval Academy and St. John’s College — Virtually

Jun 29 2020

Explore the US Naval Academy and St. John’s College — Virtually

The City of Annapolis, at the center of the Four Rivers Heritage Area, is proud to boast two historic colleges, the United States Naval Academy and St. John’s College. Both are unique in their traditions and renowned for their curriculum. Take a virtual visit to each campus by exploring these academic institutions with YouTube.

St. John’s College

McDowell Hall at St. John's College


Founded in 1696, as The King William’s School, St. John’s College is the third oldest college in the United States. At St. John’s, great books—and great discussions—are the heart of the college’s distinctive liberal arts program. Students are part of an intellectual community and investors in their own education, from conversations around the seminar table to those that take place beyond classroom walls. Inspired by some of history’s most brilliant philosophers, scientists, musicians and more, students push themselves to think deeply, discuss intensely, and live boldly. They leave St. John’s with a passion that ignites distinctive career paths—and their world.

Videos (view more on the St. John’s College YouTube channel):

United States Naval Academy

Noon formation at the US Naval AcademyAbout:

As the undergraduate college of our country’s naval service, the Naval Academy prepares young men and women to become professional officers of competence, character, and compassion in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Naval Academy students are midshipmen on active duty in the U.S. Navy. They attend the academy for four years, graduating with bachelor of science degrees and commissions as ensigns in the Navy or second lieutenants in the Marine Corps. Naval Academy graduates serve at least five years in the Navy or Marine Corps.

Videos (view more on the Unite States Naval Academy’s YouTube channel):

Even though the campuses are currently closed or limiting students and visitors, we look forward to seeing the Johnnies and the Mids back in Annapolis before too long!