Education Committee Resources

Mar 01 2017

Education Committee Resources

The Four Rivers Education Committee is happy to share important resources with partners.


New! Information on the languages that AACPS students speak at home.
AACPS Language Information
Notes from Accessibility Matters! speaker Robert Forloney: “Here are materials that might be useful for the participants at the ADA/accessibility workshop. These are among the best that I pointed out but there are many more I mentioned available to download on-line by PDF. Always happy to assist the group in their efforts to improve the visitor experience.”

Other Resources on ADA and other Compliance Issues:

Handouts from AAM Webinar on Accessibility, “Stories of Inclusion”:

Choosing Words with Dignity: Disabilities Language Guide — People with disabilities, like other minority groups, are actively seeking full civil rights. They want to be accepted in their communities as equals. Your portrayal of individuals with handicapping conditions can greatly affect the public’s perception of their worth. What you write and what you say can enhance the dignity of people with disabilities and can promote positive attitudes about their abilities. Let your descriptive words emphasize the person’s worth and abilities, not the disabling condition. Refer to the person first rather than the disability.

ADA guide to Effective Communication:
The purpose of the effective communication rules is to ensure that the person with a vision, hearing, or speech disability can communicate with, receive information from, and convey information to, the [site].

Christena Gunther, a consultant, and Founder and Co-Chair of the Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium,  recommends: “When issues like this arise, it’s helpful to call your regional ADA Center for confidential technical assistance about what your obligations are. I call frequently with questions, and usually I am helped on the phone or called back a day later with an answer. You can locate your ADA center here: Or you can call tel:1-800-949-4232 and you’ll be connected to the closest ADA center near you.”

Museum Management:  

Disaster Planning: