Our Impact

The mission of Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area is to advance, support and promote the natural, historic and cultural resources of the region. As part of our mission we manage grant programs that support our local partners. Please see our management plan, five-year plan, and additional resources on our Partner Resources Page for specifics. We have twin objectives of sustainability and enhanced stewardship of heritage resources, both of which enhance regional economic development. Our annual measurable results include grants funded, total dollars leveraged, number of activities, program participants and audiences served, number of enhanced heritage tourism products and services, number of volunteer hours and new programs and products resulting from committee activities.

CCHA is the only entity through which heritage-related nonprofit organizations and municipalities within its borders are eligible for matching Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA) grants and low interest business loans. Since certification, CCHA has brought more than $7.4 million in matched program and project grants, including one low interest loan to a heritage tourism business, resulting in total leverage of more than $25.2 million for heritage organizations and projects.

Latest Highlights

Total Funds Invested in Grant Projects since 2001

$7.4 Million

Total Project Funding for Grant Projects since 2001

$25.2 Million

Past Grants

Timeline - 20 Years in Review

ALTSCHA Certified as a Maryland Heritage Area
October 2001: ALTSCHA completes the final requirements to become certified as a Maryland heritage area in October, 2001. This means that grants from organizations in the heritage area became eligible for MHAA funding.
First CHA to Develop Mini-Grant Program

July 2003, First Heritage Area to Develop a Mini-Grant Program; nine FY2004 Mini-Grant Projects Awarded.

ALTSCHA adopts Four Rivers as Marketing Name

2004. ALTSCHA adopts the marketing name of Four Rivers: The Heritage Area of Annapolis, London Town & South County Heritage Area, or Four Rivers Heritage Area, with new logo.

Benchmark – Ten Years Celebrated with Video

ALTSCHA marked 10 years of accomplishments since certification in October 2011 with a celebration at the Annual Heritage Awards ceremony and a VIDEO created by the City of Annapolis.

Heritage Area Video Created for Visitors

In February 2013, the organization created a descriptive video for Visit Annapolis to share about our heritage area and our partners

Stewardship Success Stories Video

In October 2014, our organization published a video featuring “Stewardship Success Stories,” to encourage rural land preservation efforts by property owners

Story Project Pilot Video Published

In February 2018, a pilot video was created for the proposed Four Rivers “Story Project.” The YouTube (and website) video featured Gertrude Makell

Presentation for “Maryland Day Unpaused”

In June 2019, as part of the virtual experiences planned for the “Maryland Day Unpaused” collaborative effort (during the restrictions of COVID), staff created a YouTube video presentation

Boundary Expansion Approved

April 8, 2021. ALTSCHA’s Boundary Amendment Approved by MHAA — Boundary is greatly expanded.

Benchmark – 20 Years

ALTSCHA celebrates its 20-Year Anniversary, together with the Eighteenth Annual Heritage Awards, on November 4, 2021.

ALTSCHA Rebrands to Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area

In April 2022, ALTSCHA successfully completed its Rebranding process to its new marketing name, “Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area.”

Heritage Area Changes Legal Name to Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Areas, Inc.

In August 2023, the organization filed paperwork with the State of Maryland to change its legal name to Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area, Inc.