Seventeenth Annual Maryland Day Celebration Shows Impact

June 4, 2024

The Seventeenth Annual Maryland Day Celebration in our heritage area took place on March 22-24, 2024, with the theme of “Maryland Day For All.” CCHA contractor Cynthia Borchardt managed all aspects of event planning, and local marketing expert Erik Evans handled the marketing and coordinated the social media collaboration. This year we had 41 partners hosting events at 50 different sites to kick off our tourism season with three days of history and heritage. Family-friendly activities were offered across the county for one dollar or FREE during this annual collaborative celebration. Social media cross-promotions by our partners reached a total of 324,000 impressions on Facebook, 11,000-plus Facebook engagements, and 16,000-plus views to the event website, Many thanks to all who combined efforts to make this year’s event a great success!

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