Recording Available from August CCHA Marketing Workshop

August 21, 2023

On Tuesday, August 15, CCHA hosted two presenters from Visit Annapolis and Anne Arundel County: Heather Ersts, Director of Tourism Development, and Christine McNichols, Director of Partnerships, for the workshop, “Maximize Your Marketing with VAAAC.” The workshop was excellent, and we expect all our partners will want to listed to the recording of they did not attend. Stay tuned for the invitations to the next workshops in this series (details still to be finalized.) Thank you!

Watch the Recording

Here is the Chat (with Heather’s links):

00:32:32 Heather Ersts:
00:32:46 Heather Ersts:
00:33:10 Heather Ersts: Photo Upload–908ed967
00:33:58 Heather Ersts: Marketing Sponsorship Program and Application The VAAAC Marketing Sponsorship Program (
00:34:52 Heather Ersts: Marketing Sponsorship Program
00:39:32 Heather Ersts: [email protected]  Jaclyn Fenton, Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications VAAAC
00:42:31 Heather Ersts:
00:44:04 Heather Skipper: Can you share pricing on these via email?
00:44:11 Heather Skipper: Thanks 🙂
00:45:17 Heather Ersts: Yes.
00:46:05 Heather Ersts: Signup for Partner Weekly email
00:46:20 Heather Ersts: [email protected]
00:54:27 Heather Ersts: OTD Research
00:55:11 Heather Skipper: Christine: Are you ever able to share analytics on click through rates from our listings?
00:55:13 lyndra marshall: Great and informative presentation! Thank You!!!
00:55:42 Megan Fink (AMM): Thank you all so much – this is extremely helpful!
00:55:50 Christine McNichols – VAAAC: Heather, yes, we can share those
00:56:02 Christine McNichols – VAAAC: Replying to “Thank you all so muc…” Thank you!
00:56:03 Michelle Doerr, USNA: Reacted to “Heather, yes, we can…” with 👍
00:56:12 Christine McNichols – VAAAC: Replying to “Great and informativ…” Thank you!
00:57:11 Heather Skipper: Thank you!
01:06:00 Heather Skipper: I’ll be there!
01:10:11 Heather Skipper: Shhhhhh!  You are giving away my secret 🙂
01:12:11 Debbie Wood – CCM: Debbie Wood 410-320-0370
01:12:34 Heather Skipper: Thank you ladies!
01:12:46 Captain Avery Museum: Thank you!

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