Year in Review: Thank You For Your Support in 2022!

Jan 24 2023

Year in Review: Thank You For Your Support in 2022!

Thank you to all our sponsors, donors and active supporters of the Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area this past year!

In 2022, we received major grant support from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis, and benefited from a generous partner relationship with Visit Annapolis and Anne Arundel County (VAAAC). We are also grateful to the following donors: Louis Biondi, *Linnell Bowen, Tara Clifford, Deborah Coons, Dianne Feeney, Lynne Forsman, Mark Hildebrand, *Timothy Leahy, *Gertrude Makell, *Diane Nowak-Waring, Emily Oland Squires, Cathy Oliver, Openshaw Charitable Fund, Kristen Pironis, *Barbara Polito, *Jean Russo, William Sanders III, Marcie Taylor-Thoma, Melanie Teems, Dorothy Whitman, and Laura Carrier Wood.

Chesapeake Crossroads would also like to recognize many additional local partners for in-kind contributions made in 2022, including: Anne Arundel County Department of Planning and Zoning, Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks, Anne Arundel County Board of Education, Chesapeake Children’s Museum, City of Annapolis, Maryland Hall, and Visit Annapolis and Anne Arundel County.

Chesapeake Crossroads salutes the following individuals for their generous donations of volunteer time in 2022: Allison Anderson, Donna Anderson, Becky Benner, Louis Biondi, Cindy Borchardt, *Linnell Bowen, Karen Theimer Brown, Pam Browne, Lillie Caldwell, George Caldwell, Patricia Caldwell, Eve Case, Rod Cofield, Jackie Coleman, Dana Connett, Dan Cook, Jane Cox, Lynda Davis, Katie Dentler, Wylie Donaldson, Christine Dunham, Lucinda Edinberg, Erik Evans, Karlie Everett, Dianne Feeney, Megan Fink, Lynne Forsman, Jamie Foster, Lori Fowler, Dale Green, Janet Hall, Mary-Angela Hardwick, Janice Hayes-Williams, Anson Hines, Jake Iversen, Kevin Jenkins, Chanel Johnson, Diana Klein, *Timothy Leahy, Vincent Leggett, Jessica Leys, *Gertrude Makell, Lyndra Marshall, Claudette McDonald, *Diane Nowak-Waring, Wendy O’Sullivan, *Lily Openshaw, Kristen Pironis, *Barbara Polito, Anastasia Poulos, Hilary Raftovich, *Jean Russo, William Sanders III, Susan Seifried, Lauren Silberman, *Heather Skipper, Tony Spencer, Caitlin Swaim, Emily Oland Squires, Marcie Taylor-Thoma, Elaina Uhl, Drew Webster, Tatiana Wells, Dorothy Whitman, Debbie Wood, and Laura Carrier Wood.

*indicates current Board Member