Webinars on Membership Management and COVID-19

Jun 04 2020

Webinars on Membership Management and COVID-19

Resources for NonprofitsAs you begin thinking about reopening, an important category to consider is membership. Your members are the heart of your organization, your loyal visitors and donors. But how do you continue to engage with your members while your organization is closed, or while they choose to remain “safer at home”? How will you continue to retain and attract them in the midst of post-COVID-19 uncertainty?

Below are a selection of free, recorded (and easy to access) webinars offered by Cuseum, many from their Membership Mondays webinar series, that can help guide and inform your membership engagement strategy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Membership Departments Can Prepare for the Impact of CoronavirusWith the ever growing concerns around Coronavirus and its ripple effect on the global economy, many museums and attractions are wondering how they will be impacted. Membership professionals are specifically concerned about how this will impact their membership bases in the coming months or years. Speakers talk about steps membership-based organizations can take to prepare, and respond to this crisis.

Fulfillment, Renewals & Budgets in Membership During Coronavirus – This “new normal” has presented certain challenges, and many organizations are working to adapt their workflows to the current reality. In particular, many membership professionals are struggling with managing membership fulfillment, renewals, and reduced budgets from their home offices. Speakers discuss how they are adapting workflows and reallocating resources to stay on top of essential membership operations during this time.

Communicating with Your Members During Coronavirus – In the face of closures, requests for membership extensions, and member turnover, many cultural organizations are all experiencing the unprecedented challenge of maintaining their membership bases. During this unusual time, communication with those members is critical – but where do we start, and how do we stay relevant in members’ eyes when nobody can actually see us? Speakers discuss actionable strategies for keeping members informed during closures. 

The Onsite Member Experience After Coronavirus Closures – Across the world, we’re beginning to see museums, zoos, gardens, and other cultural sites reopen after coronavirus closures. Many are initiating phased reopenings, using timed-ticketing and contactless modes of entry, opening to members only, and/or creating special hours for different groups. As these organizations began to reopen in the era of social distancing, many are rethinking what the onsite member experience may look like without the close interactions, friendly encounters with staff, and other personalized experiences that make visiting your organization so special. Speakers discuss  what the onsite member experience may look like after coronavirus closures and going into the future.

Virtual Memberships: Creating Digital Benefits & Virtual Access for Members – During the past several months of coronavirus closures, many museums and cultural organizations have pioneered new digital content to keep their members and visitors engaged during these unprecedented closures. Many members have responded so positively to this new digital access that membership professionals may be considering making digital benefits and virtual access a more permanent fixture of membership, or even adding a “virtual membership” level. Speakers discuss digital and virtual memberships and how to offer digital access to your members.

Exploring the Future of Museums in the Era of Coronavirus – Two months ago, the escalation of the coronavirus crisis forced many museums and cultural institutions to close their doors to visitors. In response, many organizations shifted their efforts to engaging visitors through digital platforms, many making impressive pivots and accelerating their digital transformations. Now, as museums prepare to reopen and plan for the near and long term future, new concerns are seizing the attention of the entire cultural industry – what will the future hold? Will there be new business and engagement models? And what does the physically-distanced museum experience look like? Speakers evaluate the profound impacts of coronavirus and offer insights about what the future will hold for museums.

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