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May 8, 2018

The Four Rivers Heritage Area works to nurture and promote Stewardship, Land Conservation, and the Preservation of our Built Environment.

Have you seen our video about Land Conservation and Stewardship, entitled, “Our Stories: Land Conservation Successes in Anne Arundel County”? The video grew out of a stewardship initiative of the Four Rivers Heritage Area entitled, “What’s Your View?” and was funded in part by a grant from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority. The videography team was DMH Video Production, Darren Heater and Brittany Mercer, and was shot on location at various private properties in Anne Arundel County, with landowners who have taken advantage of one or more of the following programs:

Land Conservation Easements with Tax Incentives: Scenic Rivers Land Trust ( and Maryland Environmental Trust ( — (Landowners Pat Melville and Danny Bystrak, with Rick Leader, Executive Director, Scenic Rivers Land Trust)

Agricultural and Woodland Preservation: Rural Legacy and Community Connections Programs, Maryland Department of Natural Resources ( — (Landowner Gail Campbell, with Barbara Polito, Anne Arundel County Administrator)

Agricultural Assistance Programs: Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation (Landowner Gail Campbell, and Farmer Jeremy Lopez, with Lisa Barge, Agriculture Marketing and Development Manager)

Four Rivers Executive Director, Carol Benson, states, “Our organization applauds the smart land conservation practices that these landowners have undertaken, and we encourage everyone to watch the video and visit the websites of our many conservation and stewardship partners to find out more.” The video running time is 9:27 minutes, and can be viewed on by clicking on the image above or on our YouTube channel,

The video was funded in part with State Funds from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, an instrumentality of the State of Maryland. However, the content and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.


Special Thanks to:

Four Rivers’ Board of Directors
Donna Ware

Four Rivers Partners in Land Conservation Include:

Anne Arundel County Agricultural and Woodland Preservation Programs
Anne Arundel County Agriculture Business Development Programs
Maryland Environmental Trust (MET)
Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC)
Scenic Rivers Land Trust (SRLT)
Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT)
Chesapeake Conservancy
National Park Service, Chesapeake Bay Office
Chesapeake Bay String of Pearls Project




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