It’s Time to Get Outside and Enjoy Local Parks

May 9, 2019

Warm weather is here, and nature is calling! Earlier this week, Four Rivers staff visited a few of the local parks and we found some amazing views, hidden gems, and tranquil shores. It’s finally time to get outside!

We visited three parks that we hadn’t seen in a while! First stop was just across the Severn River from downtown Annapolis, at the Jonas and Anne Catherine Green Park. Jody quickly noticed a tiny box turtle, an amazing sight! We also enjoyed watching the fishermen on the pier, lunchtime visitors on the benches, and birds in the marsh. The sweeping view back across the Severn towards the Naval Academy was impressive; a great destination just minutes from the bustle of the city.

Our second stop was Truxton Park; behind the Pip Moyer Recreation Center we found a quiet trail through the woods that led us down to the marsh at the water’s edge of Spa Creek and more beautiful views.

Our next stop was Shady Side Park; next to the fields (at the far end of the parking lot) there is a kayak access point where you can launch onto Parrish Creek for an easy paddle. Look for the opening between the wood fences.

Finally, we stopped at Beverly Triton Beach Park, a perfect place to enjoy wide-open views of the Bay and stick our toes in the water. Four great stops, four very different places to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer in the Four Rivers Heritage Area!