History Podcasts to Keep You Informed and Entertained

March 25, 2020

Podcasts worth a listen

What’s a heritage buff to do when lectures are cancelled and museums are closed?

There’s always something new to learn and explore! Podcasts can bring interesting and informative stories to you wherever you are.

Here are some history and heritage-related podcasts certain to keep you entertained. Click on the title of each podcast to learn more.

Preservation Maryland’s PreserveCast

Since launching in 2017, PreserveCast is the most popular historic preservation podcast with a growing group of listeners. Each Monday, your host Nick Redding interviews industry leaders in preservation with an interesting story to share about maintaining the relevancy of historic preservation in our tech-driven world.

PreserveCast: Healthy, Hip & Historic

As COVID-19 has changed the everyday ways that we interact with each other and our communities, it’s clear that our environment has important physical and psychological effects on us all.

As preservation addresses the physical material of our built environment – and those materials’ potential positive or negative health impacts – so too, does preservation address an emotional connection to a time and place in history.

This unique special podcast series on PreserveCast will feature five preservation visionaries that will place our preservation work in a broader context, identify challenges, and illuminate solutions for linking historic preservation and healthy communities.

The Annapolis Podcast

From 1649 to present times, every cobblestone of this seaport city has a story to tell. Please join Scott MacMullan for conversations with prominent Annapolitans to discuss these historic and contemporary stories. Past episodes of interest include “Reconstructing Smith Price and Slavery in Annapolis” and “Memories and History of Parole Area.”

Preble Hall Podcast

A naval history podcast from Preble Hall – the United States Naval Academy Museum in Annapolis, Maryland. Preble Hall staff interviews historians, practitioners, military personnel, and other experts on a variety of naval history topics from ancient history to more current events.

Roughly Speaking

Roughly Speaking is a conversational take on Maryland news and culture from The Baltimore Sun newsroom. Today’s news is tomorrow’s history!

CRAB Radio

One of the goals of CRAB Radio is to connect with the community in support of the arts and the bay. The podcasts are created and written by students, teachers, and/or community members of Anne Arundel County. Topics include everything of local interest from the Riverkeepers Project to Colonial Players.

Better yet, consider producing your own podcast!

If you are interested in creating a podcast, read on! CRAB Radio’s show slots are 30 minutes each. This can be cut into two 14 minute segments or one 28 – 29 minute segment with the mandatory station ID at the beginning and a public service announcement at the end to complete the 30-minute time slot. CRAB Radio has resources to help you get started.

Have any other favorites? Let us know by emailing us at [email protected].