A Fresh Take — Riding the B&A Trail

August 2, 2022

By Riley Hoaglin

IMG 2797

As the summer continues the adventures persist and this adventure is one not to miss! The B&A Trail is a magnificent, well-known bike trail that follows a former rail line between Baltimore and Annapolis. The trail extends around 13 miles along a paved route. The Earleigh Heights Ranger Station, located in Severna Park (mile 7 on the map) is an excellent place to begin your journey. The Earleigh Heights Ranger Station was built in 1889 and now serves as the ranger station, parking and public restrooms. 

IMG 2804

Continuing on the pathway you will see an air filler station for your bike tires. Maps are located throughout the trail as well as mile markers to give you an idea how far you have gone! If you need a snack break or even a little lunch break there are plenty of benches placed throughout trails. 

IMG 2800 1

When I  recently visited on a Saturday my favorite part of the trail was a  wooden bridge. It was a nice shady area with lush flowers and greenery, like a hidden oasis off the trail and a nice break out of the sun! The trail has some coverage from the sun but is mostly out in the open, so bring the sunscreen and sunglasses. The route is flat for the most part, with some hills, but the experience is worth every sweaty, exhausting moment. A fantastic way to embrace the great outdoors, it’s a welcome escape from everyday reality. And if you keep your eyes open, you might even see a creeping critter! 

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The trail is not limited to bikers, but is great for walkers with dogs or even with friends and family. If you need something fun to do, go check out the B&A! This is a cost-free adventure that will leave you smiling and wanting to go back.