A Fresh Take: Museum of Historic Annapolis

February 3, 2023

By Riley Hoaglin

Located in the heart of downtown Annapolis is an imaginative museum curated by Historic Annapolis. Housed within the Museum of Historic Annapolis is a new permanent exhibition, “Annapolis: An American Story,” which focuses on the history of Annapolis over the past 400 years. The museum has three floors, and the exhibition follows a historical timeline. The timeline showcases major historical points in Annapolis’s history using historical artifacts and interactive components.

IMG 4748

Beginning in 1650

The timeline starts in 1650, in the first chronological gallery. My favorite item in the first room was the printing press. The interpretive panel focuses on how the printing press was used to make revolutionary moves for social justice. This made me reflect on how technology has come a long way since the printing press, but our current media still continue to wield power to influence change. It is incredible to see a printing press in person and understand the efforts it took to create print.

IMG 4745

The fun does not end there! The museum also has fun facts about Annapolis. Did you know the Middleton Tavern was built around 1754, and was made popular by sailors? Or that Annapolis was rumored to the first place in America where ice cream was served?! To find out more exciting facts and trivia answers you will have to visit the museum 🙂

IMG 4747

1900 – 1970 Room

Moving into more recent history, the 1900-1970 room uses interactive pieces that depict the Civil Rights era. There is a large mural about Carr’s Beach, with different objects from the beach’s star-studded past.

IMG 4755

1970 – Present Room

To me, the most intriguing part of the museum is that the “timeline” does not end. The last room is 1970-present. I had yet to see a museum that talks about current history! The room talks about Annapolis pop culture, fun Naval Academy history, famous Annapolitans and showcases local church stained glass from St. Mary’s Church.

IMG 4764

The Museum of Historic Annapolis truly captures the rich history of Annapolis. The interactive aspects and historical objects engage the visitor, leaving them wanting to learn more. Traveling along the historical timeline of Annapolis taught me there is so much more to my local community. This is definitely a place to bring your family, take yourself out, or a fun date

The winter hours of the museum are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. The cost for admission is $5 for adults and free for kids under the age of 17. Find out more here.