A Fresh Take: Historic London Town’s Gardens

July 7, 2022

By Riley Hoaglin

Have you had the chance to visit Historic London Town’s Gardens? If you are an anthophile (a person who loves flowers and all things plants), then you have to check out their trails that showcase diverse botanical gardens, a Sound & Sensory garden for kids, and so much more.

IMG 2564

Historic London Town and Gardens, located in Edgewater, offers educational exhibits and historic buildings — both restored structures and reconstructions — but they also have a trail that leads you through all the different areas of the gardens. There is a map that you can use to figure out the trails, and throughout each garden, there are signs that identify the plant you are looking at.

One plant I found particularly interesting is the “Stellar Dogwood.” I learned that this is a vigorous hybrid tree specially created to be resistant to the diseases that are causing problems in some areas with growing flowering dogwoods. It is a beautiful small tree, reaching perhaps 20 feet in height, maturing to a broad pyramidal form with low sweeping branches. Another distinctive tree I noticed is the Eastern Red Cedar, which is the tallest and reddest of all the cedars.

IMG 2575
Eastern Red Cedar

Another of my favorite gardens was the Sound and Sensory Garden. This garden is the first on the left as you start down the trail, with seating and multiple areas for play, filled with interactive instruments that bring your childhood memories to life!

IMG 2567
Sound and Sensory Garden

Historic London Town’s Gardens make this attraction a “must-see” site. This family-friendly or even solo adventure is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon; it covers 23 acres overall. You can learn more about plants and enjoy the great outdoors in a spacious location that for many of us is right around the corner. The best part is you can bring your dogs too! Parking is free, but admission is $10 and children are $5. Learn more about visiting Historic London Town and Gardens.