A Fresh Take: Galesville Heritage Museum

September 8, 2023

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By Riley Hoaglin

Annapolis is surrounded by intriguing small towns, each with its own unique charm. Among these, the quiet and endearing waterfront town of Galesville stands out, in a prime location nestled along the banks of the West River. The Galesville Heritage Society’s Museum serves as a sentinel of the town’s past. Within its walls, the museum weaves together the tales of the numerous generations that have left their mark on Galesville.

Carrie Sanks Weedon

During my visit to the Galesville Heritage Society, I was captivated by the tapestry of history that the museum represents. One particular gem among the many I uncovered was the story of Carrie Sanks Weedon. As one of Galesville’s pioneer elementary educators, she later joined her life with Thomas Weedon, the master of the harbor for the Tolchester Steamship Company. The very house she once resided in now finds itself as the site of the Heritage Society’s Museum.

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Colonial Steward Shipyard exhibitIMG 7460

Another remarkable aspect of the museum experience is the Colonial Steward Shipyard exhibit (above). This side gallery offers an array of tools that once echoed with the labor of shipyard workers, from delicate glassware and bottles to rugged implements like the slick (below), designed to refine timber surfaces. The sheer variety of tools was astonishing and left me thoroughly intrigued.

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Emma Giles Ship Model

However, the pinnacle of the exhibit, in my opinion, was the model of the Emma Giles ship (below). Starting her journeys to Tolchester beach in 1887, she later expanded her routes to connect Annapolis and the West River in 1891. A vital link between communities, she facilitated the transport of essential goods. As an aficionado of steamboats, seeing a meticulously crafted replica of such an influential vessel was a true delight for me.

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In its entirety, the Galesville Heritage Society stands as an essential destination. The museum breathes life into history, offering a reminder of the constants and changes in the world. A visit here is like stepping through time and witnessing the legacy that endures. So grab your family and visit the Galesville Heritage Society. Admission to the museum is free and you can visit Sundays, April through November, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Find out more here.