Take Part in Anne Arundel County’s Green Infrastructure Master Plan

Apr 23 2021

Take Part in Anne Arundel County’s Green Infrastructure Master Plan

Green Trees Against a Blue SkyYesterday was Earth Day, an opportunity to renew our commitment to the environment. Are you looking for a way to act locally to help support environmental preservation while promoting community character? Anne Arundel County is offering you the chance to take part in the development of their Green Infrastructure Master Plan.

About the Green Infrastructure Master Plan

Anne Arundel County’s Green Infrastructure Master Plan will be a guide to protecting the County’s best natural, agricultural, and recreational lands. This plan is an update to the 2002 Greenways Master Plan. The update will use better data to strengthen the ecological, recreational, historic, and cultural assets that support the health of our environment, while also contributing to our social and economic health.

Green Infrastructure includes large, high-quality natural areas and the linear corridors that connect them. These areas include forests, streams, wetlands, and fields. Public ownership protects some areas, such as Federal, State, and County parks. Easements protect other areas that are privately owned. The Green Infrastructure network has many benefits. It improves water and air quality, supports plants and animals, and ensures that residents can continue to enjoy a green and healthy Anne Arundel County.

The Master Plan update is a joint effort between Anne Arundel County’s Office of Planning and Zoning and Department of Recreation and Parks.

Take Part

Anne Arundel County is offering two opportunities to be a part of the Green Infrastructure Master Plan.

First, you can attend the Virtual Green Infrastructure Public Forum on Thursday, April 29 at 6:00 pm

Second, you can take a brief community survey about green infrastructure efforts in Anne Arundel County.

You can also email with questions and comments.

Thank you!