“Small Changes” Small Grant Fund

In recognition (celebration) of the 20th anniversary of the Four Rivers Heritage Area (ALTSCHA) and the launch of the new Chesapeake Crossroads brand, Patricia Barland, former chair of Four Rivers, made a donation to create a new grant fund, called the “Small Changes” Grant Fund, for the advancement of heritage area programs and support of partners of small organizations in the heritage area. The fund has grown with a supplemental donation by Dr. Jean Russo, a current Board member.

“Small Changes” funding is intended for immediate needs of organizations, which may include:

— Professional advancement –- offset fees for training/workshops, including marketing classes; digital media and communications classes; small museum workshops; Maryland Nonprofit workshops; training on DEI; and more

— Consultant fees — for planning, Board training, financial assistance, environmental workshops

— Assistance with applications for National Register, Historic landmarks and other historic designations Assistance with archeological investigations

–Assistance with research for heritage tourism products

BIG CHANGES are in the works for ALTSCHA, Inc., as it transitions to its new brand, “Chesapeake Crossroads,” with expanded boundaries that includes many new partners. SMALL CHANGES funds can assist our small heritage-related partner organizations (annual budgets of $100,000 or less, not including overhead costs that include mortgage, rent, and utilities that some organizations have and others do not) with this transition as well. The vision for this grant fund is to give a “boost” to smaller organizations, especially those that are recently-established, that are experiencing a pressing need that, if met, will allow them to increase their effectiveness. Small Changes Grant funds could provide opportunities to strengthen the organizations, create new messaging, marketing, and enhancement of the sites and their programming. The maximum grant award is $500; no match is required.

Small Changes Grants shall not be used for routine administrative expenses or for capital projects.

Non-profit heritage-related organizations are eligible to apply, for projects to take place within our designated boundaries. The funds will be remitted once grant is approved. A final report is required following completion of the project.

Download the Grant Application and Guidelines here:

Note: in lieu of your organization’s annual budget, you may substitute a letter from your Board Chair that your operating budget (minus rent or utilities) is less than $100K.

Questions? Please call the Executive Director, at 410-627-6018.