Resources on Accessibility – Recorded Webinar

May 14 2020

Resources on Accessibility – Recorded Webinar

On Tuesday, May 12, Four Rivers hosted a webinar entitled, “Strategies for Making Heritage Sites Accessible.”

This webinar featured Robert Forloney, Program Developer & Cultural Institution Consultant, who led a discussion on the key aspects of planning for accessibility, the ethical and legal requirements of ADA compliance, strategies to serve audiences with special needs, the WHY of planning for all audiences, and how these efforts can improve the visitor experience for all.

View recorded webinar:

Download the slides from the webinar here: Four Rivers Accessibility Workshop 2020

Mr. Forloney shared an extensive list of resources available for Accessibility for museums and heritage sites. Download the webinar handout here: Four Rivers- ADA Resources 2020

Robert Forloney has worked in the museum field for almost twenty years as an educator, administrator and consultant. He has created accessibility programs for institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, Museum of the City of New York, South Street Seaport Museum and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum as well as trained interpreters about methods of engaging visitors with different needs.  Working with educators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, he coordinated a group called the Museum Access Consortium.

These museum professionals and representatives of the disability community are a group that act as an advocate for increased awareness of visitors’ needs and seek to improve accessibility in museums both in terms of the physical environment as well as programming.Whether working with an art institution or a history museum, Robert attempts to make objects and images accessible to diverse audiences through facilitating conversations as well as utilizing experiential learning techniques.  He also strives to ensure that communities have their voice heard and are empowered by the cultural institutions that attempt to share their stories.

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