Rebranding Process Results in New Marketing Insights

May 31, 2022

cropped ALT Logo Tag VerticalOur organization (ALTSCHA, Inc.) received a FY2022 Marketing Grant from the Maryland Heritage Area Authority (MHAA) for a Rebranding process, now that our official boundaries have expanded and approximately doubled in size. We selected local marketing firm, Cyphers Agency, to assist in the work. The process resulted in high stakeholder participation and satisfaction, and a new Brand, “Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area.”

The marketing-related insights that ALTSCHA learned from our Rebranding Process were very helpful. After looking at past documents and conducting their own research, the consultant, Cyphers Agency, identified that our Heritage Area has two primary target audiences.

A. Family Leisure Planners:

— Diverse, skews statistically female, family-focused

— Chief Operating Officers of their household

— Busy but prioritizing family recreation time

B. Lifelong Explorers:

— Skews statistically female

— Slightly older

— Often retired with disposable income

— Living their best life full of experiences

The Brand Statement that Cyphers developed says, “The NEW Heritage Area is an authentic, welcoming and wide array of places to visit in Anne Arundel County with cultural, historic, or natural significance that offers families fun experiences of their choosing.”

As support, they included the following: “There are more than 100 authentic Heritage sites ranging from historic landmarks and museums to environmental sanctuaries and guided tours. The experiences offered can focus on African American Heritage, natural heritage in and around the Chesapeake Bay, for historic and cultural heritage that deepens appreciation for everything from the area’s rich history to the arts and architecture.”

The Brand Persona that they developed for our Heritage Area is: “Approachable, fun, outdoorsy and energetic. Loves the Chesapeake Bay, rich history and character of our region. Welcomes connection, someone who has a ton of knowledge and is happy to share it and will always have a suggestion for your next adventure. Always has an epic story to share and they do it passionately.” That Persona’s traits are:

  • Knowledgeable but super-approachable
  • Fun and Energetic
  • Nature Lover & Outdoorsy
  • Passionate Storyteller
  • Sharing & Encouraging

Their Regional Identity statement says: “Embracing the local flavor and character of the heritage area from the Chesapeake Bay to the state capital, from the Naval Academy to railroads and trails all the way to the edges of industrial Baltimore.”

When asked whether “heritage” is a term that our audiences relate to, one meeting participant stated that “heritage, for our organization (a small, all-volunteer, African American heritage site), is the MOST important value that we hold!”

As the project comes to a close, we thank both Cyphers and all our stakeholders for their interest, support, and participation in this very fruitful process.

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