Nominations for Anne Arundel County’s 2021 Historic Markers Program Now Being Accepted

August 26, 2020

Historic Marker Program Anne Arundel Encourages Residents to Appreciate Local History

The first round of roadside “Historic Markers” were installed earlier this year, with little fanfare amid the immediate public health threat posed by COVID-19 in March. Today, Anne Arundel County wants its residents to get outside, enjoy fresh air and visit local historical sites, while social distancing during staycations spent more safely closer to home.

The historic marker program, developed by the Cultural Resources Division, Office of Planning and Zoning, is designed to raise public awareness about some of the County’s most significant historic sites, and to enrich citizens’ appreciation of the depth and range of history in the community. A companion interactive map with locations, pictures and more information on each site can be accessed at

“Now that travel is greatly restricted, we see the value of sharing snippets of local history with residents who are seeking meaningful experiences close to home,” said Jane Cox, Chief of Cultural Resources. “In lieu of planned travel or vacations, we hope this program will encourage County citizens to learn more about a few of the nearly 4,000 historic buildings, archaeological sites, historic districts, cemeteries, and heritage communities across the County. This rich history is often hidden in plain sight.”

“As we ramp up our sign program for 2021, we are soliciting public input to ensure that we continue to share the stories of a broad and inclusive range of historic sites,” said Ms. Cox. “We are excited to receive ideas from residents for next year’s class of historic markers. There is a rich and diverse history in Anne Arundel.” With funding for only ten roadside markers, and six more detailed interpretive wayside signs, the nomination process will help the County select the most impactful and interesting sites for installation next year.

To nominate an historic site for recognition by this sign program, the nomination form can be accessed directly at

For more information, please contact Jane Cox, Office of Planning and Zoning, Cultural Resources Division ( [email protected].)

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