MHAA FY2020 Grant Round is Now Open

December 18, 2018

The FY2020 MHAA Grant Round is now open! 

Four Rivers joins the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority in announcing that the FY2020 MHAA Grant Round is now open!

Click on the links to access the FY 2020 Grant Guidelines, as well as a flyer announcing the upcoming webinars and workshops for prospective applicants.

All applicants must complete an online Intent to Apply form by January 31, 2019. The link to begin a new Intent to Apply form is available on the MHT website: Please call our office at 410-222-1805 if you are planning an application in the Four Rivers Heritage Area. Many thanks, and best of luck with your upcoming projects!

Grant Opportunity description: Each year, the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority provides dollar-for-dollar matching project grants to non-profit organizations and governments for capital and non-capital projects located within a certified Maryland heritage areas (which includes the Four Rivers Heritage Area). Grants can support heritage tourism-related projects involving historical, cultural, or natural resources, events, or properties.

Non-capital projects can include planning and design as well as interpretive projects, such as exhibits, signage, and other materials. Capital projects include acquisition, development, new construction, rehabilitation, restoration, and pre-development costs (such as architectural designs).  MHAA grants can also fund programming, such as seminars, conferences, performances, reenactments, commemorations, and festivals (must be a pilot program or new programming).

Eligible applicants are local municipalities or non-profit organizations in good standing with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, qualified to do business in Maryland, and have the legal capacity and authority to incur obligations involved under the grant program.

Award amounts typically range from a maximum $50,000 for non-capital and programming projects and a maximum of $100,000 for capital projects.  The minimum grant award is $5,000. All grants must be matched in an amount at least equal to the grant (dollar-for-dollar match). A portion of this match may be with in-kind services, such as volunteer time, donated professional services, and donated materials.

When planning an MHAA Application, you MUST call the heritage area office at 410-222-1805 to discuss your organization’s prospective plans. Thank you!

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