Join the 2020 Women’s Centennial Summit: From the Right to Vote to the Right to Lead

Aug 19 2020

Join the 2020 Women’s Centennial Summit: From the Right to Vote to the Right to Lead

2020 Women's Centennial SummitYesterday, August 18, 2020, was an important anniversary, the centennial of the passing of the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote.

We encourage you to continue the recognition of this milestone by joining the 2020 Women’s Centennial Summit on Wednesday, August 26. This Summit is presented by the Maryland Commission for Women in partnership with The Foundation for the Maryland Commission for Women & The Maryland Commission on the Commemoration of ​the 100th Anniversary of the Passage of the 19th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

Presented virtually, the theme of the Summit will be “From the Right to Vote to the Right to Lead.” It will begin with a keynote address, followed by a panel on the history of the Suffrage Movement in Maryland, and a panel discussion with women thought leaders in various fields, addressing “Women’s Leadership and the Intersectionality of Gender and Race in Times of Crisis.”

The Summit will feature prominent women leaders in our state as speakers. During the Summit, 100 heroines,  women and girls will be recognized, all residents of the State of Maryland, who have made significant contributions to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and racial inequality in Maryland. Women who are first responders – doctors, nurses, fire and police personnel; essential service workers – hospital and nursing home staff, store clerks, bus drivers, and grocery cashiers; essential professionals – clergy, social workers, teachers, pharmacists, journalists; community leaders, women or girls who organized food drives, made masks to donate, encouraged everyone to stay home or wear a mask, women activists, writers, professors, etc. who are making a difference in the fight for equality for all, any woman who is helping us all to make it through. 

A streaming “Parade of 100 Maryland Sheroes” will be shown during the Summit. 

The Summit is open to the public and there is no charge to participate, but advance registration is required.

Looking for additional ways to commemorate this occasion? This week you can participate in a women’s suffrage social media campaign organized by the University of Maryland’s Historic Maryland Newspaper Program in partnership with the Maryland State Archives, or learn about other ongoing women’s suffrage projects in Maryland.