Hammond-Harwood House Acquires Important Work by Early Female Artist

Sep 02 2021

Hammond-Harwood House Acquires Important Work by Early Female Artist

Exciting news from our friends at the Hammond-Harwood House. We’re thrilled to congratulate them on this new addition to their collection, which is the only painting by a female member of the Peale family on display in the city of Annapolis! Read the Press Release below:

Annapolis Museum Acquires Important Work by Early Female Artist

Contact: Rachel Lovett, Curator
31 August 2021 410-263-4683, Ext. 12

The Hammond-Harwood House museum on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis has acquired the still life painting Peaches and a Pear on a Plate by American artist Margaretta Angelica Peale (1795-1882), niece of Charles Willson Peale, one of early America’s most celebrated artists. This acquisition is especially important to the museum and the city of Annapolis. It is the only work by a female member of the Peale family on display in a public collection in the city.

Margaretta Angelica was the daughter of artist James Peale, Charles Willson Peale’s brother. The Peale brothers lived in Annapolis until 1776 when they resettled in Philadelphia. They returned often to Annapolis for commissions.

The Peale brothers encouraged artistic expression in their households. Rembrandt Peale and Charles Peale Polk were notable examples of successful painters. Nineteen paintings by members of the Peale family are on display at the Hammond-Harwood House. This acquisition is the first painting by a women from the Peale family.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be adding this unique item to the collection,” said museum curator Rachel Lovett. “It represents a more inclusive interpretation of the Peale family and the legacy they left in American art.”

The Hammond-Harwood House is an 18th century Anglo-Palladian house that contains one of the nation’s premier collections of fine and decorative art. Architecture, social history including an exhibit on the enslaved at the site, furniture, and paintings are the focus of guided tours for the public, groups, and school programs. Information at or 410-263-4683.