Hogshead Living History: Meet Nan Snead

Hogshead 43 Pinkney Street, Annapolis

Visit Hogshead, a humble home on Pinkney Street, for an interactive living history experience! Learn what life was like for the “lower and middling sort” in early Maryland from Mistress Nan Snead, a baker. Cost: Admission to Hogshead is pay-what-you-wish. Your donation supports HA’s mission-driven programs, exhibits, and educational outreach.

Period Fashion Show

Hammond-Harwood House 19 Maryland Ave, Annapolis

Join us in a lecture with textile collector Heather Hook and she shares a sampling of Empire and Regency Period men’s and women’s clothing. Selected from garments in her collection that date from 1750-1980 are beautiful silks, the risqué Jane Austen Grecian style “barely there” dresses, along with fashionable Classical profiles in men’s breeches and broad-shouldered coats intended to profile athletic bodies. Heather’s inspirations for collecting began in 1990 with her participation in historic reenacting. In order to be as authentic as possible, Heather purchased an original Civil War gown...