Middle School Homeschool Program: Game On!

Historic London Town and Gardens 839 Londontown Road, Edgewater

Children in the colonial era played games from their ancestral homelands. This month, we’ll explore migration and cultural exchange by way of some common colonial past times. $8 for member children ages 11-14  $10.50 for non-member children ages 11-14

Virtual Lecture – White Man’s President? Debating Abraham Lincoln’s Racial Politics

This talk with Dr. Richard Bell explains one of the most vexing aspects of Lincoln’s racial politics, his long-standing support for something called colonization—the government-promoted settlement of free Black Americans beyond the borders of the United States. We’ll also balance that by illuminating his impressive re-imagining of the Constitution and help listeners understand how he and his antislavery contemporaries refashioned that proslavery document into a blueprint to attack racial bondage. Finally, we’ll explain how Lincoln’s government in Washington, his commanders in the field, and enslaved people across this battered, fracturing...