Middle School Homeschool Program: Fibers & Freedom

Historic London Town and Gardens 839 Londontown Road, Edgewater

This month our middle schoolers will learn about textiles in the colonial world. As we try our hands at weaving and spinning, we’ll explore the concepts of mercantilism and international trade, the role of taxation in the American Revolution, and the ethics of homespun fabrics. ​ $8 for member children ages 11-14  $10.50 for non-member children ages 11-14

Virtual Lecture – The American Revolution and the Pursuit of Happiness in the African Diaspora

During the American Revolutionary War, the British military made big promises to enslaved Americans. In return for taking up arms against the patriots, enslaved people won pledges from British commanders that they would free them when Britain won the war. So, what happened when Britain instead lost? This talk with Dr. Richard Bell of the University of Maryland explores these Black fugitives’ extraordinary odyssey through what was left of Britain’s global empire after 1783 to examine the ways they tried to pursue happiness and forge an African American diaspora. Registration...