Living History on Pinkney Street: Meet the Maryland 400

Hogshead 43 Pinkney Street, Annapolis

It’s the summer of 1776, and the First Maryland Regiment, under the command of General William Smallwood, are preparing to leave Annapolis and say farewell to their loved ones. Several weeks later, the Regiment would demonstrate what true valor would look like at the Battle of Long Island. Visit Pinkney Street and meet the men who would become known as the “Maryland 400” as they prepare to leave Annapolis and talk with their families and see how they prepare supplies for the troops. Learn how the efforts and courage of...

African American History Tour

Hammond-Harwood House 19 Maryland Ave, Annapolis

Dr. Julie Rose, Marietta House Museum director and Hammond-Harwood House trustee, will lead a tour and cover the stories of the enslaved men and women who built, maintained, and lived in Hammond-Harwood House. Participants will learn about urban slavery in Annapolis in the antebellum era. Price: $15 | Members: $10