Maryland Historical Trust Virtual Roadshow

The MHT Virtual Roadshow is for everyone--homeowners, government agencies, non-profit representatives, and members of the public--to learn about our programs, training, and grant funding opportunities. Come along to learn about MHT's role in historic preservation and architectural research, easement properties, the tax incentive program, cultural landscapes and heritage, tourism, and buildings under threat.

May Virtual Lunch and Learn

Presenter: Kasey Maes, National Archives While true crime has long fascinated humanity, finding physical records on historical cases can be a challenge. Crimes that once shook communities to their core are barely remembered, or become wisps of family lore of a great-grandfather who was found mysteriously murdered near the train tracks. How can you learn more about an old criminal case - referenced in a slip of paper, a brief article, or a single line in a book? To get an inside look at historical true crime research through archives, this...