Economic ROI Studies

Feb 07 2014

Economic ROI Studies

Four Rivers is pleased to share this varied list of Economic ROI Studies related to heritage and historic preservation with our stakeholders. Let us know if you are aware of another study that should be added to the list!

NEW! MHAA Economic Impact Snapshot Final.pdf — A Snapshot of the Economic Impact of the Maryland Heritage Area Grants (2018), based on a study in November 2017 using the IMPLAN methodology with analysis by Dr. Massoud Ahmadi, of Strategic Impact Advisors.

Economic_Study_Landmarks_Conservancy – “Historic Preservation: At The Core of a Dynamic New York City,” April 2016 Study by PlaceEconomics (Rypkema)

Value of Historic Preservation in MD 1999 Study – Rypkema

Investing in our Communities – MHAA Economic Impact2003 – MHAA 2003 Study

The Economic Impact of National Heritage Areas_Final Report – 2013 Study

Abell Report on Heritage Tax Credits – 2009

ACHP Measuring Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation – Rypkema et al., 2011