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May 08 2017

NEW GRANT FUND for FY18: The Maryland Historical Trust Non-Capital Grant Program provides competitive grants to nonprofit organizations and local governments for research, survey, planning, and educational activities involving architectural, archeological and other cultural resources. Eligible activities may include architectural, archeological, or cultural resource surveys; the development of preservation plans; educational outreach programs; and National Register nominations. Eligible projects should seek to preserve the tangible remains of Maryland's past in a manner that is consistent with MHT's standards and guidelines. For FY 2018, the total amount of grant funds available...

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Apr 12 2017

Last week Four Rivers Heritage Area staff participated in a StEPs Lab webinar, “Steps to Environmental Sustainability,” offered by the American Association for State and Local History. Now we would love to share with our partners some steps you can take to implement environmentally sustainable practices while improving your relevance within the community. So what is “sustainability”? According to webinar leader Sarah Sutton, sustainability means caring for today’s resources so future needs can be met and present life conditions improved. It is about conservation and protection, so museums and heritage sites are...

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Mar 01 2017

The Four Rivers Education Committee is happy to share important resources with partners. Accessibility New! Information on the languages that AACPS students speak at home. AACPS Language Information Notes from Accessibility Matters! speaker Robert Forloney: “Here are materials that might be useful for the participants at the ADA/accessibility workshop. These are among the best that I pointed out but there are many more I mentioned available to download on-line by PDF. Always happy to assist the group in their efforts to improve the visitor experience.” [su_list icon="icon: caret-right"] Design-for-Accessibility – A Cultural Administrator’s Handbook Smithsonian Guidelines For Accessible...

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Feb 07 2016

ECONOMIC IMPACT OF TRAVEL & TOURISM TO ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY (Source: AAACCVB FY15 Marketing Plan) The Maryland Office of Tourism Development commissioned Tourism Economics to perform an economic impact study of tourism in Maryland and its individual jurisdictions during 2012. According to this most recent study Anne Arundel County surpassed all other Maryland counties and the City of Baltimore in 2012 travel generated expenditures. The county has headed the list since 2007, the first year that the state began tracking the economic impact of tourism in Maryland by individual jurisdictions. Other key findings...

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Aug 28 2015

Annapolis, MD – Four Rivers: The Heritage Area of Annapolis, London Town & South County seeks nominations for its twelth annual heritage awards. These awards recognize individuals, organizations, partnerships, programs and products that contribute significantly to the community by interpreting, promoting, preserving, researching and/or supporting our historical legacy. In 2015, awards are planned in nine different categories, including Heritage Tourism Product Award, Heritage Volunteer Award, Heritage Partnership Award, Heritage Professional of the Year, Heritage Interpreter of the Year, and Public/Private Initiative Award. Other categories include the Sponsor of the Year Award, the...

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Nov 07 2014

Stewardship Success Stories

Four Rivers Heritage Area announces the debut of a new video about Land Conservation and Stewardship, entitled, “Our Stories: Land Conservation Successes in Anne Arundel County.” The video grew out of a stewardship initiative of the Four Rivers Heritage Area entitled, “What’s Your View?” and was funded in part by a grant from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority. The videography team was DMH Video Production, Darren Heater and Brittany Mercer, and was shot on location at various private properties in Anne Arundel County, with landowners who have taken advantage of...

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Feb 07 2014

Four Rivers is pleased to share this varied list of Economic ROI Studies related to heritage and historic preservation with our stakeholders. Let us know if you are aware of another study that should be added to the list! NEW! MHAA Economic Impact Snapshot Final.pdf -- A Snapshot of the Economic Impact of the Maryland Heritage Area Grants (2018), based on a study in November 2017 using the IMPLAN methodology with analysis by Dr. Massoud Ahmadi, of Strategic Impact Advisors. Economic_Study_Landmarks_Conservancy – “Historic Preservation: At The Core of a Dynamic New York City,” April 2016...

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Jan 07 2014

Introduction: the Four Rivers’ Mini-Grant application asks this question: How is the project consistent with the interpretive themes in the Heritage Area Management Plan? Explain. Please refer directly to our Management Plan, especially Section 3, “Interpretive Framework." Include section and page numbers in your reference. The Four Rivers Interpretive Themes can be found on the Four Rivers website by clicking on Management Plan, under the “For Partners” tab. Section 3 of the Plan contains our “Interpretive Framework.” Here is a useful summary of our themes, but please be sure to visit the website and...

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Mar 07 2012

On Tuesday, November 18, 2008, Four Rivers Heritage Area held a workshop for area interpreters and guides, aimed at “busting” some myths that continue to circulate around our sites. Below are summaries of several of the presentations, for ready reference. A.  Dr. Russo Presentation: “What Do Molly Bannaky, Mathias Hammond, and Ben Franklin have in Common?” by Dr. Jean Russo B.  Rod Cofield Presentation: “Whatcha talkin’ about Willis?” — Popular Myths and Misconceptions about the Colonial Past, by Rod Cofield C.  Jane McWilliams Presentation: “The Older the Better, What Exaggerations Tell Us about Annapolis’s History,”...

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