A New History Wiki for Annapolis

On November 14, Four Rivers sponsored a workshop by Mark Hildebrand of Make Your Mark Media about the new Annapolis history "wiki," called Annapolis Past Port. Over the summer, Mark worked with several STEM students from AACPS to develop the basic form and function of this cutting-edge technology resource. Utilizing the same open-source application used by Wikipedia, the wiki is planned to serve as a repository for local stories, photographs, documents, and much more. The goal of the project is to make local historical content free and available to anyone...

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What You Should Know: Federal Historic Tax Credit Endangered

Federal Historic Tax Credit Endangered reblogged from The Maryland Historical Trust Blog Last week, following release of the tax reform bill by the Ways and Means Committee in the House of Representatives, Maryland residents began reaching out to our office, alarmed that changes to the tax code could impact historic preservation projects in their communities.  The draft bill eliminates one of preservation’s most valuable tools – the federal historic tax credit. Introduced in 1976, the federal historic tax credit has supported over 42,000 rehabilitation projects nationwide. This number includes 505 projects completed in Maryland between...

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