Annapolis Small Business Recovery Task Force Supports Nonprofits

May 19 2020

Annapolis Small Business Recovery Task Force Supports Nonprofits

Resources for NonprofitsThe Annapolis Small Business Recovery Task Force was established to focus on the experiences that Annapolis businesses are facing in the time of COVID-19 and to come up with recommendations for assistance for the local small business and nonprofit community.

Share Your Thoughts

Nonprofit organizations are doing vital work in the Annapolis community to serve our citizens and enrich the lives of all those who call Annapolis their home. In order to be part of this important conversation, a Nonprofit Subcommittee has been formed to recognize the contributions offered by our city’s nonprofit organizations and learn about their unique challenges. The committee would like to learn about:

  • Your nonprofit’s most urgent needs
  • Plans to address your employee well-being concerns
  • Factors that are affecting your organization’s ability to continue to serve your constituents
  • Impact of COVID-19 on events/activities to support your organization
  • Economic impact of COVID-19 on your programs and services
  • Ways in which the City of Annapolis can support your work

How to Participate

1. Share your thoughts via email
All Annapolis City Nonprofit Leaders are invited to participate in this process by sharing both your challenges and the ways that the city can support you. Your voice, on behalf of your organization, is important. Email Mary Spencer at with your comments regarding any or all of the topics listed above. The Nonprofit Subcommittee will compile the comments they receive in order to form recommendations to the city.

2. Participate in a Nonprofit Focus Group Call
The Nonprofit Subcommittee invites all Annapolis City Nonprofits to participate in an informal focus group call to share your thoughts and ideas. Please sign up for one of the focus group conversations via ZOOM.

Tuesday, May 19th at 10:00 am or Friday, May 22 at 1:00 pm. Click your preferred date to register.

Request a Business Counseling Session

Nonprofits in the City of Annapolis can also request a counseling session with a member of the Business Advisory Committee. The committee was formed to provide free counseling to Annapolis small business owners as well as nonprofit organizations.  Areas of advice include: cash management, finance, management and operations, ecommerce, information technology, marketing, human resources, and legal assistance.

If you need business advice from the committee, please fill out the small business counseling request form and someone from the Task Force will be in touch with you as soon as possible.