2017 Four Rivers Heritage Award Winners

Nov 16 2017

2017 Four Rivers Heritage Award Winners

(Annapolis) Four Rivers: The Heritage Area of Annapolis, London Town and South County, held its Fourteenth Annual Heritage Awards on Monday, November 13, 2017, at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. These awards recognize individuals, organizations, partnerships, programs and products that contribute significantly to the community by interpreting, promoting, preserving, researching and/or supporting our historical legacy. The honorees have had a lasting impact on authentic stories and experiences at our museums and historic attractions, the sustainability of local organizations, and the preservation of the history and heritage of the local community.

Heritage Tourism Product Award
"Twentieth-Century Beach Resorts" Project

This award recognizes an outstanding heritage tourism product created in the past year. Eligible products include exhibits, events, programs, self-guided or guided tours, audiotours, videos/CDs/podcasts, interpretive brochures, publications and websites. The 2017 award recognizes the “Twentieth-Century Beach Resorts” project for an inspiring and collaborative effort that shares the history of our local beach communities. The team behind this project included Anne Arundel County Department of Planning and Zoning’s Cultural Resource Division, Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks, Anne Arundel County Trust for Preservation, and the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.

Heritage Professional of the Year Award
Lisa Robbins of Historic Annapolis

This award recognizes an author, archaeologist, architect, artist, exhibits/publications designer, historian, natural resource professional, preservationist, professional staff person, or researcher, for significant professional contributions to heritage interpretation, stewardship, and/or education in the past year. The 2017 award recognizes Lisa Robbins of Historic Annapolis for her innovative approaches to historic education and interpretation.

Heritage Volunteer of the Year Award
Roger Marshall

This award recognizes an outstanding volunteer who has made a significant difference to the growth, sustainability, programming, or other essential element of a non-profit or for-profit heritage organization. The 2017 honoree is Roger Marshall for his tireless and unsung efforts in strengthening communities and promoting our area’s heritage.

Heritage Interpreter of the Year Award
Pat Turlington of Watermark

This award recognizes a heritage interpreter-docent, educator, tour guide, volunteer-in a non-profit or for-profit heritage organization, who provides outstanding factual, and educational information to the public. The 2017 award recognizes Pat Turlington of Watermark for her long-term contributions to engaging audiences through historical interpretation.

Heritage Partnership Award
Ruth Starr Rose in Annapolis Organizing Committee

This award recognizes an outstanding regional partnership in heritage interpretation, preservation, stewardship, and/or education. The 2017 award goes to the Ruth Starr Rose in Annapolis Organizing Committee for bringing together a passionate group of stakeholders in celebration of history, family, art, and storytelling. Members of the Organizing Committee include The Elizabeth Myers Mitchell Gallery of St. John’s College, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Historic Annapolis, the City of Annapolis, the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture, the Northern Arundel Cultural Preservation Society, and Ramocille Johnson with the Extensions of Faith Praise Choir.

The Stewardship Award
John Gudas of the Annapolis Maritime Museum

This award recognizes an individual, family, organization, or business in the heritage area that demonstrates outstanding leadership in a stewardship capacity. The 2017 awardee is John Gudas of the Annapolis Maritime Museum for his commitment to preserving Annapolis’ maritime history.

The Patricia Barland Leadership Award
Dr. Jean B. Russo

The Leadership Award is named for the long-time former Chair of the Four Rivers Heritage Area Board, Patricia Barland. For this award, we look for an individual whose career reflects a broad vision and reach, a lasting dedication to our community, and a long career that has strengthened the depth and vitality of our local heritage. The 2017 Patricia Barland Leadership Award recognized scholar and historian Dr. Jean B. Russo for her tireless and generous dedication to ensuring the accuracy of the historical record of our area.